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Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary
  • On February 5, 2014

Wikipedia of the Streets.

Urban Dictionary is a constantly evolving slang dictionary with definitions submitted and edited by users. Help define your world.

There’s an extensive archive plus Word of the Day – some recent favourites include:

Barsexual – college-age girl who kisses other girls in bars and clubs, usually for attention and the approval of men.

Subwoofing – sitting in your car, bumping the jams so everyone knows you’ve got a system.

Typeractive – someone who is overly talkative on emails or text messages.

Word out – marks the end of a conversation and your departure. Opposite of “word up.”

Dandruff – one who always ditches, or “flakes” on group activities.

Earjacking – eavesdropping on a conversation you have no business hearing.

iPerbole – the hype surrounding any product Apple unveils

Crunk – highly intoxicated (Crazy drunk)

Askhole – someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions

Foreploy – misrepresenting yourself, for the sole purpose of getting laid

Designated Drunk – assumes responsibility for all drink offers given to the Designated Driver

Lowlips – vagina, specifically the labia

Freak Flag – a characteristic, mannerism, or appearance of a person, either subtle or overt, which implies unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventional thinking.

Excessorise – to eat, drink or take drugs for personal indulgence in excessive amounts

Pregret – the feeling of regretting something you’re about to do anyway

Testiculate – to move one’s hands and arms expressively while talking absolute bollocks

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