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Dot Com Activism By Khedra Cloud

The Outsider

The Outsider asked (HPD 25 July) “Where are the students?” With their youthful exuberance and ambition to change the world, one revolutionary march at a time?

Shit! They’re at home playing XBox, talking on Skype, keeping in touch on Facebook and downloading free EVERYTHING from their laptops while watching TV. Who has time to rally the troops and march down George St? Who wants to nowadays anyway? It’s easier to start a Facebook group called “I’ll name my baby ‘Dip-Shit’ if I get 100,000 members” and get the 100,000 members in a week, It’s far easier to click and join the group “Hawk for PM 2010” and it’s definitely easier nowadays to stop caring about the rhetoric that keeps coming from our politicians.

This is not about today’s students abdicating their role in Australia’s future. It’s about students now turning away from the present that the past has created. The ‘60s are over, the ‘80s have happened and no one cares about the ‘90s. It is time for students to create NOW – only this time it’s going to be global, not driven by political agendas, and free for every voice to be heard.

Only thing now is, what do we say?!

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