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Dickipedia – A Wiki of Dicks

Dickipedia – A Wiki of Dicks
  • On January 25, 2014

Designed to look just like Wikipedia’s layout, albeit with a slogan that reads, “a wiki of dicks,” Dickipedia gives you the type of insight you won’t find on the former site. Big names that get the dick treatment include Lance Armstrong, Kanye West, and even Santa Claus.


 Karl Rove


Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) is a former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, a Republican political/campaign consultant, a turd blossom, “the brain,” a Fox News political “analyst” and contributor, and a dick.

Rove is considered a part of the holy trinity of dicks (himself, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush), though the true extent of his role in the ruining of the United States will most likely forever be obscured by “executive privilege,” which is a time-honored technique of avoiding culpability for anything while “protecting America.”

Rove is only 57 years old. One can expect that this will leave Rove plenty of years to continue his life’s work of undoing everything the founding fathers did to prevent people like him from existing in the first place.


R Kelly


Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 5, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois) also known by the stage name R. Kelly, is a pedophiliac, urophiliac, child pornographer, and a dick. Every once in a while, he also sings R&B.
There exists a real possibility that R. Kelly cannot achieve an erection without first relieving himself on a junior high-schooler, and cannot seem to sustain said chubby without recording the event on digital video.

On June 6, 2002, Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of having sex with a minor. These were eventually reduced to soliciting a minor for child pornography, a charge that looks much better on your criminal record. After a six-year-delay-more than long enough for Kelly to be arrested again for child pornography, and also release a few hit singles-the trial officially moved forward with jury selection on May 9, 2008, before it promptly recessed for the weekend.

It seems like the corporate overlords at AOL didn’t take kindly to the Huffington Post offshoot. What a bunch of dicks. But if you want to take a look at the Way Back Machine… Dickipedia as it was.

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