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Phoenix police raid home of blogger — By Carlos Miller

December 30, 2013 |

In what should send a frightening chill down the spine of every blogger, writer, journalist and First Amendment advocate in the United States, Phoenix police raided the home of a blogger who has been highly critical of the department.

Jeff … Read More

Francois Hollande ‘beats Nicolas Sarkozy’ in presidential election first round

October 4, 2013 |

Francois Hollande beat right-wing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in France’s first round of the presidential race, according to early estimates from several polling institutes.

Both candidates qualified for the second round on May 6, with Mr Hollande taking 28 to … Read More


March 15, 2011 |

The brain disease sweeping the West is virulent and vicious, like the golden Staph which haunts many hospitals. Most at risk are Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals and journalists. The ailment is not triggered by bacteria but by an ideology as … Read More

Polly Speak

October 15, 2010 |

You may have noticed how often Julia Gillard the Australian PM likes to indicate that we are going to tell the ‘Australian people’ just how it is so that there can be no doubt that her election policy views are … Read More

Where’s the Agenda?

June 15, 2010 |

It’s hard to fathom a more lack-lustre political conversation than that surrounding the upcoming Federal election in Australia. There is of course an agenda about which the election should be being fought. Afghanistan (withdrawing from an unwinnable war); ‘local’ warming … Read More

Dracula’s Army

April 15, 2010 |

That the contents of a previously suppressed Pentagon video has come as a nasty shock to so many, highlights the noxious disinformation fog in which Western citizens are cocooned. The mainstream media may be omnipresent, yet it is by no … Read More