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Tupac Shakur is Alive!

Tupac Shakur is Alive!
  • On February 2, 2014

By Stephen Myles

After many years of self-doubting, nights without sleep, waking up in cold sweats after brutal horrific nightmares. I have come to the conclusion that Tupac Shakur lives… through his music but is physically very dead. extremely dead. About as dead as one person can be.

This photo that was found on Celebrity Morgue seems to have me convinced and they show numerous others so why do we hold onto conspiracy theories so ardently in this day and age?

As the world becomes better explained through science and technology we try to hold onto illusions and whisps of our romantic past, where ghosts, resurrections and leprechauns would evoke emotion and override our dreams.

If you like Celebrity Morgue above then you will surely go crazy for Dead Girls Gone Wild. All along the same macabre humour that Rotten spurned in 1998.

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