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The releases that aren´t wiki By Sean Maguire

The Outsider

As you might know,´wiki´ in Hawaiin means ´fast´, which is significant for Wikipedia as it is both fast to search and fast to upload information- the same can be said for WikiLeaks. Yet, for this ´Wiki´ what is also fast is the way the media is turning over every relelation about the trial of Assange and the releases themselves without much thought given to their deeper significance.

As HPD has written about, the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs while interesting will do little change the world in terms of how Intelligence services operate because public reaction and protest to how they have acted has been so minimal- therefore, while shocking in the way these documents have been released the content hasn´t grabbed the world´s attention. The slowly ebbing release of diplomatic cables changes all that, documents are being seen which will be mulled over for years.

One in particular caught my eye; this US cable implicates British Intelligence in the murder of Irish Civil Rights activist Pat Finucane- something which has been long suspected but never proven- now MI5 is being forced to open up its files to assure us of its innocence.

This kind of release really won´t be ´wiki´ in how the implications are considred of who´s to blame and what to do with the perpetrators in Ireland and Britain.

It really is amazing to think what else is coming.

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