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HPD Travel: How to judge danger

Vinay Patel

When deciding where to travel it’s often to difficult to work out whether the place you want to visit is dangerous. The Australian government’s guide Smart Traveller is pointless because every tiny little threat is over blown to such proportions that if you heeded every warning you’d never leave your home. Take the guide for the UK, the first line says:

“We advise you to exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect your safety in the United Kingdom because of the risk of terrorist attack”

Probably more appropriate for Afghanistan.

However there is a fail-safe system to judge risk which is based on the size of guns of the police or security guards. In the fairly dodgy countries of Mexico, Cambodia and Laos the police and security guards at jewellery stores all carry submachine guns, shotguns and even AK47s. In the safer Australia it’s sidearms and in the safer still London the Met famously doesn’t carry guns.

So the next time you travel, find out what sort of weapons law enforcement carries and plan accordingly.

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