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No God Higher Than Truth – by Richard Neville

November 15, 2008 |

The final months of 2008 will be remembered as a time when the multiple threats facing the planet interlocked like a thousand Roman legions and stormed the bastions of capitalism. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin – but … Read More

The First Australians – We Hardly Knew You

October 15, 2008 |

An extraordinary process of public education is unfolding in Australia, the like of which has not been seen since the British sailed into Botany Bay and claimed this continent as its own. Finally, after 220 years, the official history of … Read More

Arrogance and Atrocities in Afghanistan

July 30, 2008 |

The sixth Australian soldier has just died in Afghanistan but RICHARD NEVILLE believes that Afghan cilivian casualties are being ignored, victims of U.S. military tactics that could constitute war crimes.

Special forces soldier Sean McCarthy has died from injuries sustained … Read More

The Baby Killers

July 15, 2008 |

Richard Neville keeps promising not to mention the wars but can’t help commenting on the ongoing blood bath in Afghanistan.

I keep promising myself not to mention the wars for these reasons: the invaders couldn’t care less about their crimes … Read More

The Age of Eco Surrealism

June 19, 2008 |

The latest from Richard Neville’s Journal of a Futurist.

Richard Neville – Journal of a Futurist 19 June 2008

Out West of Sydney where the air is clear and at night you see a billion stars, a long neighbourly Sunday … Read More

Bitch Fights and Tomorrow’s Top Model: Prepare For a High Chair Rebellion

June 15, 2008 |

Baby boomer Richard Neville laments our infantilized media culture and can’t understand why younger generations aren’t protesting when the world is going to hell.

As baby boomers lay down their weary tunes and fantasize about communal psychedelic retirement yurts, while … Read More