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New Age Climate Politics

January 18, 2010 |

Business needs government to set clear some clear parameters, including price-signals, for the century’s ‘new age of green economics’. But what kind of governments will this new age require? Sarah Barns considers the dark side of climate change politics.

It … Read More

Local Warming From The Outsider

January 15, 2010 |

The history of the United Nations tells us that the possibility of united worldwide action on global warming is a fantasy. It ain’t gonna happen. Copenhagen underlined this as the power brokers vied with each other for domination (China 1 … Read More

Taxes, Rationality, Economics, Angst, Science Or Novation From The Outsider

December 15, 2009 |


No amount of technology, diplomacy and political manouevering can hide the fact that to achieve innovation when it comes to global action on climate is a matter of ethics. And that ethical outcomes are themselves dependent on what we … Read More