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homepageDAILY – Best of the Web | September 15, 2019

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100 Words

Sharp-Ville From The Outsider

October 25, 2009 |

The Museum of Sydney hosts a slight retrospective of the works of one of Sydney’s favourite sons – the artist Martin Sharp. At the opening, I was reminded of an event in London 30 years ago when Bob Dylan played … Read More

Cold Comfort From The Outsider

October 15, 2009 |

Deputy Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has backed pro-war comments made by US President Barack Obama during his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. She says she is comfortable with his argument that there are times when it is right … Read More

Kiss Me Hardie From The Outsider

March 15, 2009 |

The $300+ million bale out of James Hardie Industries asbestosis fund by the Australian State and Federal Governments is another disgraceful chapter in the history of this apology for a company.

The deal struck in 2007 gave the directors a … Read More

Malcolm Turnbull’s Last Hurrah From The Outsider

November 30, 2008 |

Have you been wondering what Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Federal Opposition leader, will do when he is ousted from the party leadership today or tomorrow?

His decline and fall is about climate change and the future of our planet. He understands … Read More