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Body Modification Ezine – ModBlog

Body Modification Ezine – ModBlog
  • On February 2, 2014

BME ModBlog – Tattoos, piercing, scarification and body modification.

BME contains the personal experiences of thousands of people all over the planet, in photo and text form. It serves to document the activities of the body modification community in as complete a fashion as possible. The ModBlog contains posts from community members.

BME’s Goals:

1. To let people know they are not alone and to help them to understand who they are and what they are going through.

2. To provide a space allowing people to share their experiences with body modification and manipulation.

3. To politically and commercially encourage the ethical growth of body modification and manipulation.

4. To generate revenue and succeed as a traditional business, and to reinvest a part of these profits in body-related projects.

5. To educate the public about body modification and manipulation for the purposes of safety, history, culture, and good will.

6. When possible, to unify people interested in body modification and manipulation subjects.

7. To never judge one body modification or manipulation activity as more “right” than another and never succumb to public (mainstream or non-mainstream) pressure to draw this line.

8. To act as a media liason to encourage accurate portrayals of body modification and manipulation and to encourage positive mainstream acceptance of body modification and manipulation activities.

9. To work with other body modification and manipulation groups to further our common goals.

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