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Black or Blue? From The Outsider

The Outsider

Forty years ago Enoch Powell MP made his impassioned neo-fascist speech in the UK against the ‘madness’ of allowing thousands of mainly black Immigrants from the old colonies into the country. He foretold ‘rivers of blood’ would flow in a way not unlike the uprisings of the last three days. What he got wrong is that this has nothing to do with race or colour or migrants but has everything to do with the incumbent greedy middle class that is using the working class as one of the main tools for reducing national debt. David Cameron threatens that the looters will feel the full force of the law – ignoring the looting that has been going on since the ‘eighties in this country by cynical hedonists exploiting their ‘inside track’ at the venture capital Olympics.

Where is the leadership coming from that will re-frame economic and social collaboration for the national good rather than ramp up unemployment among 16 – 30 year old working class kids with nowhere to go?

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